Server Availability

Learn how to make your web servers highly available.

One of the main responsibilities of a Network Administrator is provide highly available servers.   You can accomplish this using DNS Round Robin and also NLBS (Network Work Load Balancing).   The goal is to provide a 99.999% uptime for all of our critical servers.   This will help us to meet the Service Level Agreements (SLA) that will set in place.  The problem is a lot of Administrators do not know how to configure these two options.   So, in this course we will teach you how to setup DNS Round Robin and Network Load Balancing.   But, you are asking what services can be protect or make highly available.   That is a good question.  IP based system are the best candidates for these technologies.   If you are running Exchange Server 2007 and above then you would use NLB for the Client Access Servers (CAS).   If you are using SharePoint then you would load balance your SharePoint servers.   There are many different scenarios that you can use these technologies.  

Intended Audience: NLB, DNS Round Dobin, Availability, 99.999, SLA

Higly Available Servers

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